Site Packaging

Site Packaging

EPI is continuing to expand in direct response to the needs of our clients. We provide Full Site Work and Site packaging for redevelopment and new construction. Site packaging includes all of the requisite site work for a particular project with the engineering and environmental components needed to successfully and efficiently ensure that impacted soils are managed correctly, barriers are installed, and there are no construction delays regarding environmental issues with a particular property. EPI’s experience and full range of services- Environmental Engineering, Remediation, Construction, and Geotechnical Engineering and Analysis- make site packing a success.

This capability leaves no guesswork regarding the management of Clean Construction and Demolition Debris (CCDD) soils, special waste soils, and the installation of engineered barriers and controls. Proper soil management can reduce the overall cost of development significantly before the project goes vertical. 

This package includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Demolition
  • Earth Work/Excavation
  • Site Utilities
  • Site Concrete
  • Site Asphalt
  • Site Landscaping

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