About Us

About Us

Restoring the Environment, Rebuilding the Community

Who We Are

Environmental Protection Industries (EPI) is a full service environmental consulting and remediation firm.  EPI provides environmental services to a full spectrum of clients in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Iowa.  We supply consulting services for a select group of clients on a national scale. EPI specializes in Environmental Site Assessment, Site Characterization, and Risk Assessment for managing environmental liabilities and risk exposure, establishing risk-based remediation objectives for use in the design and implementation of site remediation, as well as, construction management and site packaging. EPI’s services are geared toward cost effective, comprehensive solutions for public and private sector clients in order to reduce or eliminate environmental liabilities. EPI manages hundreds of projects annually.

Mission & Values

Our Mission

Environmental Protection Industries is committed to providing a challenging work environment that fosters innovative thinking and employee and company growth through the development and implementation of cost effective solutions for our clients that are practical and protective of human health and the environment.

Our Values

EPI is a Licensed Illinois Professional Engineering and Design Firm

Only Senior Staff Professionals and Managers manage our projects

On All EPI Projects – Safety is First


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Established in 1988 and incorporated in 1993, EPI is a full service, Environmental EngineeringConsultingRemediationGeotechnical Engineering, and Site Packaging, firm. At its inception, EPI worked primarily in establishing underground tank tightness, as well as, related testing services. EPI quickly learned that a broader scope of services was needed, in order to excel in this industry. Therefore, EPI made a number of necessary business and management changes that allowed the company to expand into a full service consulting and remediation firm. This allowed EPI to secure a place in the environmental consulting field.  Over the years, EPI has implemented stringent performance standards such as the Quality Management System and Project Management System. This has allowed us to become more competitive in providing customers with high quality services. These programs helped create the foundation for the longevity and success of our company. Today, EPI provides environmental and engineering services to a large client base in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, and a select group of clients nationally.

EPI is a Licensed Illinois Professional Engineering and Design Firm #184.002179.

EPI specializes in a wide range of Environmental Consulting and Engineering services. These services include Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I and Phase II), Site Investigation/Characterization and Risk Assessments, and Closures for various State Voluntary Remediation Programs in the Midwest such as the Illinois Site Remediation Program (SRP) and the Indiana Voluntary Remediation Program (VRP). The majority of our State and Federal Regulatory Agency Program work includes Site Investigation, Remedial Design, Management, and closure in the appropriate program for No Further Remediation (NFR) or No Further Action (NFA) determinations.

We evaluate potential environmental liability and risk exposure, establish risk-based remediation objectives, design, construct, and manage remediation systems. We evaluate soils for construction projects (environmental and geotechnical) to assist owners and developers with efficient management of clean and impacted soil and fill materials.

Our staff of senior environmental and engineering professionals have the experience and intuition to evaluate projects on multiple levels, make sound field judgments and project/construction management decisions. The senior staff develop practical solutions for environmental cleanup and redevelopment projects that result in cost savings rather than project delays.

At EPI, only Senior Staff Professionals and Managers manage our projects.

EPI has written numerous policies on Quality Assurance/Quality Control for many plans and programs associated with the company. These plans and programs include our in-house technical guidance documents, references for field work, and EPA SW 846 references.

On All EPI Projects – Safety is First.

We are committed to preserving and promoting the health, safety, and welfare of the workforce, the surrounding communities, and the environment. It is the policy of EPI to comply with and exceed all applicable federal, state, and local environmental, health, and safety laws, regulations and standards. EPI is dedicated to achieving and maintaining a safe and healthy place to live and work.

EPI has comprehensive insurance coverage which includes general, professional and pollution liability policies. The General Liability and Professional Liability aggregate limit is $5,000,000.00, with a per occurrence limit of $5,000,000.00.  Pollution Liability coverage is covered under the Professional Liability coverage. Owners, lenders, and others may be named as additional insured by special request.  Increased coverage, which may be required by individual facilities, is also available upon request.